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Executive branch as corporation.

fascismman: is "terror" that much more euphonic than "terrorism"? if the white house publicists start calling it "barley biscuits", will the media follow suit?
limepi: I love how Bush doesn't believe in evolution or abortion, but genetically modified foods are just dandy with him.
fascismman: no response from the yale web site! they got the goddamn server cluster!
fascismman: oh, now it's loading.
limepi: heh, I wonder why Ari and Christy are leaving....
fascismman: i see the executive branch as a corporation, its unspoken mission to enrich its board members and investors. in justifying or rationalizing the company's immoral actions, coroporate publicists write press releases in the first person plural, as if to extend the corp's bizarre legal status as a rights-bearing individual into the philosophic realm: as if the corporation were of one mind, as if it could produce earnest opinion or experience emotions (think of "deeply regret", "respect", and "value" as a verb).
limepi: thank you mr. chomsky
limepi: and now for the weather
limepi: seriously, I don't get why they always say that the veracity of bin laden's tapes is questionable
fascismman: white house corp. PR can be more effective than the typical corp. PR because it can ascribe its manufactured thoughts and feelings to an individual: president bush.
limepi: like, who would be faking them, other than the CIA...
fascismman: his inconsistent stances wouldn't be surprising given his intellectual bankcruptcy and the universal political tendency to lie. i suspect bush doesn't really have political opinions, though. he's a corporate PR machine mouthpiece. if that's true, no reason to analyze his statements any further.
fascismman: the DoD, or maybe some other Qaeda.
fascismman: Bob Qaeda.
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