Mail Delivery Subsystem (pathos_bill) wrote,
Mail Delivery Subsystem

All hail Thane of EFNet #l33t

The FTC imposed 11-digit dialing on New York City this year: Manhattanites must dial 1+212 to reach their next-door neighbor. Mmkay, so I called my doctor's office today, with 11-digits, & the lady says I must hang up and dial with one-plus-area-code. I did. I did it again. Same message. Third attempt, I dialed only seven digits, and the call went through. The same happened to me last month.

The artistic community has responded to this Hellerian paradox with a modern Shakespeare interpretation called Makb3th. An implementation of open-source playrighting, it's a compl33t interactive multimedia (truly both) performance with its ASCII video and text messaging. The producers beseech audience members to keep their cell phones on during the performance. (All via /.)

Too bad they're in the UK. Go play their platform game, Duncan Kong.
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