Mail Delivery Subsystem (pathos_bill) wrote,
Mail Delivery Subsystem

Hear the song I composed at age 16. (Passing-over backup disks at parents' house.)

I used to write music using a program called Noteworthy Composer. I couldn't play an instrument, but I was a voracious listener and very interested in using the ideas I had. Over the course of a few days, logging 3 or 5 or 14 hours work, I would fill in staves note by note until something I could live with was produced. Though I tapped some theory and ear training, it was tonal trial and error at play in great part.

This one was a junior year English class project, a creative work in response to a novel. I chose Rabbit, Run by John Updike. I tried to write three sections that in some way corresponded to the three parts of the book.

run.mid (Rabbit's in Stereo)
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